Outdoor trails and destinations

Trails are updated in spring.

Pohjoislahti -nature trail, Lintusyrjä -ridge


  • Walking, mountain biking
  • Starting point: Koskenpääntie 2
  • Direction: counterclockwise
  • Route length: Length 4.6 km
  • Description: From the yard of the Pohjoislahti School to Lintusyrjä-ridge. The route is a flat coniferous forest at the beginning. The climb to the actual ridge at about 3 km is steep, as is the descent. The whole area is dry and sandy, so it’s good to walk in rainy weather as well.
  • Alternative route: The steep point can be straighten along the lower part of the ridge (no guidance). There are many other trails and appropriate, fine sand ridges in the Lintusyrjä area. The paths are shown on the map.
  • Route markings: The route is marked with blue characters and ribbons.
  • Maps: Pohjoislahti routes (pdf). Maps are found in the box on the school wall.
  • Download gpx file 4.6 km route (open with mobile device that already has map application e.g. terrain maps)
  • Resting places and services:
    No resting place, no drinks and snacks, no toilet. At the starting point in the schoolyard is the Village Association’s summer kiosk.
  • Additional loop: The fitness track is located on the other side of the rapids, where the terrain and route are very similar to the nature trail.
  • Route operator:
    Tel. +358 40-8272753 / 0400-645088


Ilovuori Outdoor Trails


Winter maintenance 3.4 km and short winter route 1.2 km. Map of the winter route at the starting point.

  • Walking, mountain biking
  • Starting point: Mäntäntie 126
  • Direction: counterclockwise
  • Route length: 3.4 km and 5.6 km
  • Description: The starting point is the “backyard” of Keuruun Auto. Trail and roadbed, are a diverse mixed forest. The base of 3.2 km route is flat and good with wide paths. Able to go with sneakers in normal weather and does not require any special experience or fitness. 5.7 km route requires sturdy shoes and good health. Especially when boarding Mäntymäki, a long steep hill, as well as when landing. Also partly rocky and some trails may be slightly wet.
  • Alternative route: The longer route can be straightened from the hill box along the line (no guidance)
  • Route markings: The 3.4 km route is marked with blue and 5.6 km with red signs. There are maps in the box at the departure point.
  • Map: Ilovuori outdoor trails (pdf)
  • Download the gpx file 5.6 km route (open on a mobile device that already has a map application e.g. terrain maps)
  • Download gpx file 3.4 km route (open on mobile device that already has map application e.g. terrain maps)
  • Resting places and services: No resting place, bring own drinks and snacks, no toilet. Nyyssänniemi-Camping is located about 1 km from the starting point
  • Route operator: tel. +358 40-8272753 / 0400-645088


Hartunlampi Outdoor Trail


  • Walking, mountain biking
  • Starting point: Latvatie 1 Parking at ketvelniemi’s sport park about 300m before the starting point on the left.
  • Direction: counterclockwise
  • Route length: 4.6 km
  • Description: The path from the edges of ketvelniemi’s housing area. After departure, there are new plots at left of the path, so it has been re-aligned . The path is partly good and partly a very narrow forested, rocky path. Especially around Hartunlampi in the spring, also very wet. It needs good shoes and good health. The signage ends in Ranta-Keuruu, from where you can get the walkway or fitness track back to the starting point after crossing the road.
  • Alternative route: The route around Hartunlampi can be corrected by road.
  • Route markings: The route is marked with blue characters. At the point of departure, maps in a box.
  • Map: Ketveniemi routes (pdf)
  • Download gpx file 4.6 km route (open on mobile device that already has map application e.g. terrain maps)
  • Resting places and services: Campfire place at Saunaniemi beach (marked on map), bring own wood, drinks and snacks, no toilet. The way to campfire site is not along the outdoor trail, but along the fitness track. There are also other nearby sports venues in Ketvelniemi. Ketvelniemi fitness track (photo)
  • Additional run: You can continue the excursion further along ketvelniemi’s fitness track. It is located near the recommended parking spot.
  • Administrator:
    Tel. +358 40-8272753 / 0400-645088

The outdoor trails above are marked in the terrain with the colors marked on the map with signs and ribbons, by city’s sport service.
Fitness tracks are not marked, but illuminated until 9 p.m. The Pohjoislahti fitness track is also illuminated at 7:00 a.m.


Haaravuori Nature Trail



  • Walking
  • Starting point: Veturipuistontie, Haapamäki Locomotive park parking lot.
  • Direction: recommended clockwise.
  • Route length: 2.5 km
  • Description: The guide boards along the nature trail describe the nature and natural phenomena of the area. You can get started by following the signs from the parking lot. The distance is about 400 m along the walkway and the village road. There is a slight ascent to Haaravuori, which you can manage with good health and sneakers, but sturdy shoes are suggested. Contains some elongated wood section.
  • Route markings: The route is marked with blue characters.
  • Map: Haaravuori Nature Trail (pdf). At the starting point, maps are in the parking lot’s box.
  • Resting places and services: Along the route there is a-lean-to. Bring own trees, drinks and snacks. Locomotive park has a restaurant and toilet.
  • Route operator: Local Association of Friends of Nature and Village Association of Haapamäki.


Himmaanmäki Nature Trail



  • Walking
  • Starting point: Matkalantie 159
    guidance to the observation tower
  • Direction: No matter
  • Route length: 0.7 km
  • Description: The path has 7 task boards. Easy terrain and good path.
  • Route marking: Marked well. You can’t get lost.
  • Resting places and services: Himmaamäki’s observation tower, campfire site with trees and toilet. In summer, the village association has a summer café, open also at other times on weekends. There is also a large hut at the observation tower, which can be rented for private use or for public events.
  • Route operator and additional information about the observation tower: Village Accosiation of Riiho website.
  • The destination can also be found on the retkipaikka.fi website.


Hotel Keurusselkä Nature Trail

  • Walking
  • Starting point: Keurusseläntie 134, from south of the hotel’s pier.
  • Direction: clockwise
  • Route length: 3 km
  • Description: The route runs along the shores of Keurusselkä. The route is quite hilly. Partly a small and rocky path. The path ends on a dirt road, where you can get back to the hotel via the cottage village. There are nature-related questions along the route.
  • Route marking: The route is marked with blue characters.
  • Map: Hotel Keurusselkä Nature Trail (pdf)
  • Alternative route: About 300m from the start, forks an unmarked path to the right. It provides access to a road from which you can reach the hotel via the cottage village. Route is about 1 km. Keurusselkä Sports Park’s route network extends to the hotel via well-maintained stone ash-covered routes.
  • Resting places and services: Immediately after the start, there is a campfire place on the right side of the beach. You can inquire about firewood from the hotel or take your own. The shed is located slightly off the route. The route has a signpost to a shed along the road from which to travel about 500m. Hotel Keurusselkä’s versatile services is found at the link in the title.
  • Extra shoes: Keurusselkä Sports Park’s numerous, mainly stone ash-covered routes extend all the way to the hotel. For more, go Keurusselkä Sports Park information
  • Administrator: Hotel Keurusselkä


Kotiniemi Nature Trail

  • Walking
  • Starting point: Häkkisentie 175
    Parking by the bonfire site next to the departure point.
  • Direction: clockwise
  • Route length: 1.3 km
  • Description: The route departs near the red pump booth from village road. The path is initially flat shore, which is flooded in the spring. The wettest place has trees. A route towards the narrow headland stretches towards Keurusselkä, with a beautiful view of the lake. The beach path continues to Häkkinen-ridge, where is a small climb. Along the route there is a lots of trees, over 200 years old shield bark pine trees, large spruce trees and rowans of groves. The rest of the path runs on damp grass peat, rising to the grass meadows. Area is under the protection of landowners in Häkkiskylä. Information boards about the nature and history of the route area.
  • Route marking: Route marked with blue guideposts. Map at the starting point. Kotiniemi Nature Trail (pdf)
  • Resting places and services: Guestbook. At the village boat shore, 150m from the car park onwards, there is a campfire place with firewood and snacks. No bathroom.
  • Route operator: Rural Society of Häkkinen, tel. 050-4680129


Pihlajavesi’s outdoor trails and Wilderness Day routes.

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Pihlajavesi has plenty of cultural, historical attractions, as well as routes and nature sites. The annual Wilderness Day -event is also held in August. On MyPihlajavesi –website, you can also find information about the event, routes, destinations and services in a compiled manner.


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It is a good idea for a hiker in nature to review everyman’s rights and always collect the rubbish with them. That is when nature says thank you.

Nature site maps are available for sale at the City of Keuruu joint service point and library.